World’s Most Dangerous Sports

  • Episodes2 x 60'
  • SubgenresSports
  • Travel & Adventure
  • ProducerSteve Rotfeld Productions
  • Original BroadcasterUS Syndicated

What sports events have been designed to ensure that potential danger lurks around every corner? And why is it that every society in all parts of the world seems to test its athletes in this manner? Viewers are taken on a spectacular, four continent journey to witness World’s Most Dangerous Sports Events. Highlights include incredible drag and stock car events from Australia; out of control bronco riding from Uruguay; sensational base jumping from Rio de Janeiro; horse racing down the steep and dangerous hills of the American West; and bicycle racing around the treacherous curves of the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City. Each and every event tests the will and courage of the competitors who know that potential disaster could be lurking around every corner. World’s Most Dangerous Sports Events is fast-paced, attention-grabbing reality television that is just unreal.

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