Weekend Reno

  • Episodes13 x 30'
  • SubgenresGeneral Lifestyle
  • Home, Renovation & Property
  • ProducerMountain Road Productions
  • Original BroadcasterCottage Life

It’s a home away from home; that vacation property by the lake, a place to unwind on weekends or summer vacations. And while the view is enviable, the interior is less than desirable – faux wood paneling, hand-me-down hideous furniture and flop house inspired accommodations. Though beloved, these family retreats could use some work, and luckily Weekend Reno is taking over cottage country.


In each episode, Designer Michelle Mawby alongside a team of carpenters completely overhaul the most neglected cottage spaces in a single weekend. Every minute counts on Weekend Reno, and with so much to do in such a short period of time tensions rise as the team takes on an incredible make-over in a near impossible amount of time.

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