Unexplained: Caught on Camera

  • Episodes8 x 60'
  • SubgenresMystery
  • Paranormal
  • ProducerBack2Back Productions
  • Original BroadcasterUKTV
Unexplained: Caught on Camera is an entertainment clip show that shines a light on the truly remarkable and unexplainable footage captured every day by the general public.
Whether it’s poltergeist activity caught on a mobile phone, a ghostly apparition that manifests on CCTV or a mythical creature captured on the dashcam of a car, our team of specialists will provide their expert opinion as they try to explain the seemingly unexplainable. For every alien hoax or bizarre animal video, there’s a UFO sighting or creature capture that is simply too baffling, too realistic, or perhaps even too scary to laugh off.
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