The Strange Chores

  • Episodes26 x 11'
  • SubgenresComedy/Adventure
  • 2D Animation
  • Kids 6-11
  • ProducerLudo Studio & Media World Pictures
  • Original BroadcasterABC Me
Two teenage wannabe warrior heroes and a super high-spirited ghost girl master the skills they need to replace the world’s greatest (and oldest) monster hunter by doing his strange, supernatural chores…Yup, turns out “kooky neighbour” Old Man Helsing’s weird house at the end of their street is secretly a portal to supernatural worlds! Charlie and Pierce beg him to reveal it all! Helsing’s been thinking he might be getting a bit long in the tooth for all of this supernatural malarkey. And maybe this is his chance to get some… apprentices. Joining them on their adventures is the mischievous teenage ghost girl, Que! Now the gang must complete Helsing’s freaky, bizarre and sometimes downright terrifying chores! But these odd jobs ain’t just washin’ dishes!
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