The Restaurant Adventures of Caroline & Dave

  • Episodes10 x 30'
  • SubgenresGeneral Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Docu-Soap
  • ProducerMountain Road Productions
  • Original BroadcasterW Network

Caroline and Dave are in love with not only each other, but with the fine art of vegetarian cuisine – and now they’re setting out to start their own restaurant. The recipe seems perfect, so why is there smoke rising from the ovens and screaming coming from the kitchen?


Caroline and Dave have very little experience in the restaurant business, but they know their life savings are completely at risk! From the beginning, their adventure rapidly switches from a romantic vision to a rollercoaster ride of real estate troubles, money woes, an out of control designer and an AWOL contractor. Make a reservation and find out what happens in The Restaurant Adventures of Caroline and Dave.

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