The Outhouse

  • Episodes6 x 60'
  • SubgenresGeneral Lifestyle
  • Home, Renovation & Property
  • ProducerPeace Point Entertainment
  • Original BroadcasterOLN

This series takes a decidedly comic point-of-view to the seriousness of home renovation! In every episode, two of the crappiest looking homes in a neighbourhood are chosen to have their exteriors glamorized under the watchful eye of our two comedic hosts, Brad and Chris Goddard (who just happen to be identical twins), and a team of contractors. Traditional home renovation becomes a hilarious block party as Brad and Chris involve not only their homeowner teams but also the neighbours as they turn these crappy houses into solid gold. Only one team can walk away with the coveted golden outhouse trophy so it’s up to the neighbours to vote for a winning team. And the losing brother is left to complete a humiliating and hilarious challenge.

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