The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price

  • Episodes26 x 30'
  • SubgenresHome Renovation & Property
  • General Lifestyle
  • ProducerFirvalley Productions
  • Original BroadcasterHGTV

Ambrose Price, is a vibrant, enthusiastic designer from Fortune Bay Nfld; population 2000.  His dream is to make it in the “big city” and become Canada’s Martha Stewart. Ambrose is coming to Toronto to temp and learn from the biggest and best in the design industry.  In every half hour episode, Ambrose will face a different (and somewhat daunting) decorating challenge. Of course, getting to the top is going to take a lot of hard work and training.

That’s where the fun comes in.


Will he accomplish all of his decorating dreams?  Playing on his naivety over the course of thirteen different jobs, and thirteen different adventures, viewers are guaranteed to enjoy the ride. And perhaps, like Ambrose, they’ll also learn a thing or two about design from the best of the best.


For Ambrose, this is a journey of decorating and self-discovery and a step closer to becoming the master decorator he’s always dreamed of being.  For viewers, it’s an all-inclusive behind-the-scenes pass, full of hilarious and unexpected surprises.


13 different jobs.  13 different adventures.  1 Fish Out of Water.

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