• Episodes4 x 30'
  • SubgenresTravel & Adventure
  • Home, Renovation & Property
  • ProducerMountain Road Productions
  • Original BroadcasterAPTN

Sheltered is a half-hour television series that spans the globe exploring fascinating homes of indigenous communities and the ways people build them. Of all the essential needs that human beings have, shelter must surely be the one that opens itself to the widest variety of expression.

Every culture has its own ways of designing the homes we live in, using materials as diverse as the people who build them. From the earthen castles of Togo to the yurts of Mongolia, from the Vietnamese stilt houses to the igloos of Nunavut, fascinating examples of human ingenuity in shelter design are everywhere.

In each episode, our carpenter will roll up his sleeves to join a crew in erecting a home using local, indigenous construction methods. He’s an expert in contemporary North American building techniques so we’ll be fascinated and amused to see him try his hand at insulating a home in Africa with elephant dung, or cutting bamboo with a machete.

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