Secrets of a Psychopath

  • Episodes3 x 60'
  • SubgenresCrime
  • Docu-Series
  • ProducerCBS Reality & Peninsula Television
  • Original BroadcasterCBS Reality
In August 2012, three fishermen chanced upon a most unusual cache of intimate sex toys, abandoned in a reservoir situated just south of Dublin, Ireland. In three gripping installments, Secrets of a Psychopath takes the viewer through the many coincidences, twists and turns of the investigation, uncovering an obsessive and unconventional relationship which ultimately ended in tragedy. Dark and disturbing text messages reveal a psychopath who groomed his trusting victim under the guise of extreme sadomasochistic practice and, more alarmingly, demonstrate the blood lust obsessions of the killer as well as the level to which  his victim was willing to acquiesce.
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