Reno, Set, Go!

  • Episodes14 x 30' + 1 x 60'
  • SubgenresHome Renovation & Property
  • General Lifestyle
  • ProducerScott Brothers Entertainment
  • Original BroadcasterDiscovery Family

Reno, Set, Go! Is the battle cry for a ‘clandestine operation’ that sees friends and family come together to pull off a covert room makeover for a deserving loved one, all while they toil away at their daily nine to five. It’s undercover renovations for unsuspecting recipients.


Hosts Cheryl Torreneuva and Roger Morin spearhead a stealthy plan that requires conspirators to deceive and distract loved ones from finding out what’s going on. From start to finish it’s a family affair. All hands are on deck as everyone works together to plan, shop and execute an epic custom room renovation under impossible timelines. Reno, Set, Go! is the battle cry for the program that sees deserving individuals get the ultimate surprise when their friends and family work together to pull off a “covert room makeover” while they’re away at work.

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