Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate

  • Episodes26x11'
  • SubgenresAdventure
  • Educational
  • Animation
  • Pre-School 4-7
  • ProducerRadical Sheep
  • Original BroadcasterKids CBC

Often lost in his own world, flipping, sliding, climbing and rocket-blasting through the house in costume and character, practicing at being the master of all things. But even masters need to stop and refuel. When breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks interrupt Ollie’s playtime, he finds himself confronted with the real challenge of childhood: trying new food.

Ollie doesn’t like unfamiliar grub on the dinner table. He can’t predict if it might be spicy, or smelly, or heaven forbid…  green. But, when he finally gives in and tries new food – POP! He becomes what he eats, and gets that food’s superpower! Sure, foods don’t REALLY give you superpowers, but they do help improve eyesight, circulation, digestion and memory! Mom and Dad use those tendrils of truth to entice Ollie to try new fare.

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