Newlywed Nearly Dead

  • Episodes65 x 30'
  • SubgenresGeneral Lifestyle
  • Health & Wellness
  • ProducerProper Television
  • Original BroadcasterSlice

Newlywed Nearly Dead is a show that explodes the myth behind the ‘Happily Ever After’ of newly married life. With both heart and humour, this series shows new spouses struggling with the prospects of being joined together for the rest of their lives. This is their chance to call each other out for all the things that are slowly driving them up the wall. And it’s our chance to get them back on track to being loving couples. Across the series we tackle every conceivable marital conflict; from couples that nag, snipe and yell, to neat-freak husbands and unhygienic wives. And much more. It’s time for relationship expert Gary Direnfeld to come to the rescue.

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