Love Monster

  • Episodes54 x 7'
  • Subgenres2D Animation
  • Pre-School 2-5
  • ProducerCBeebies & Boat Rocker Studios
  • Original BroadcasterCBeebies
Love Monster happens to be the only monsteramongst a sea of cute baby animals. He is universally loved and accepted by his fellow Fluffytown residents, but sometimes feels a bit out of place, just by virtue of his physical difference, emotional subtleties, and love of adventure. When they zig, he zags, and his self-awareness is what causes his little doubts. This can make for some comical missteps along the way, but with a lot of help and a little serendipity, Love Monster discovers that when faced with a head vs. heart dilemma, in the end, his heart always knows what to do.
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