Killer Instincts

  • Episodes13 x 3
  • SubgenresWildlife
  • Clip
  • ProducerMobius Lab Productions
Whether it’s on land, in the air or under water, survival is a daily battle between fierce forces in the animal kingdom. In Killer Instincts, we’ll explore the world’s most interesting and deadly predators, how they interact with one another and how they use the elements around them as well as their own instincts to not only survive, but thrive. From lush jungle floors that so easily disguise danger- ous cats, to the venomous predators lurking in remote swamps, to rocky mountain peaks and their acclimatized hunters – our impactful, high quality footage and engaging narration immerses the viewer in the savage arena of the world’s deadliest animals. It’s sure to be a wild ride!
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