How to Make Love to My Wife

  • Episodes1 x 60'
  • SubgenresDocumentary
  • Health & Wellness
  • ProducerOcnus Productions
  • Original BroadcasterCBC

After two decades of marriage, family, and the same romantic routines, comedian Greg Lawrence spares no humiliation in his attempt to morph into “a hybrid of Alan Alda and Ron Jeremy”- a man able to go for hours, without ever losing focus on his wife’s desires and needs.


The filmmaker’s light-hearted and comedic sexual makeover includes visits with a sex therapist, stylist, psychologist, porn actor, life coaches and specialists in romance. He learns about Tantric sex, ointments, aphrodisiacs, toys and desensitizing creams – in short- any aid, device, enhancer or sexual tool, regardless of how silly or odd.


HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO MY WIFE is self-help at its funniest, as Greg attempts to overcome his ineptitude in bed , turn himself into a world class lover, and finally please his wife.

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