Heavy Lifting

  • Episodes10 x 60'
  • SubgenresFactual Entertainment
  • Docu-Soap
  • ProducerMountain Road Productions
  • Original BroadcasterHistoria

Heavy Lifting is a new series that follows the intense lives of mobile crane operators as these rugged men and women make their living performing precision lifts. Day in and day out, these operators hoist massive loads and place them on a dime without a single scratch. It takes precision, control and one-minded focus. A single mistake could prove disastrous, but these operators are up to the challenge.


In each episode, Heavy Lifting follows three crane companies over the course of a season. Their mission: to move tons of weight into place as quickly as possible without tipping over, snapping the boom or dropping their load. And with every crane in their fleet representing a huge investment, balancing the company books means every jobs counts.

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