Chimp Mommy

  • Episodes2 x 30'
  • SubgenresReality
  • Documentary
  • ProducerPeace Point Entertainment
  • Original BroadcasterCMT

Meet Gini Val. She’s a hard-working single mother whose baby just happens to be a chimpanzee. Gini has been a professional primate caregiver for 40 years and Chimp Mommy gives us a rare glimpse at her life with 2-year-old chimp, Eli. On Chimp Mommy we are a fly-on-the-wall as Gini prepares for a road trip to the beach to introduce Eli to the beach. Preparing for the trip proves to be an adventure and the trip even more so. Watch Gini in her truly unique role of chimp baby-raiser as she provides the best care possible while also allowing the public to experience the magic of communion with our closest animal relatives.

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