Can You Imagine That?

  • Episodes52 x 5'
  • SubgenresEducational
  • Live Action/Animation
  • Pre-School 2-5
  • ProducerRadical Sheep Productions
  • Original BroadcasterTVO, Knowledge Network

Can You Imagine That? is a preschool series created for kids, BY kids. This animated/live-action series lets children live out their biggest future career dreams – to become a firefighter, or a veterinarian, or a baker, or an archaeologist – by placing them within their own animated drawings and letting them tell their own story. Each episode is as unique and as diverse as the varied kids represented. Can You Imagine That? combines real kids in a live action green screen studio setting with the child’s own creative artwork animated in the background. The child takes centre stage in each short as they narrate their own personal story and ultimate fantasy in their chosen career. All culminating in their own music video!

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