Body Hack

  • Episodes12 x 60'
  • SubgenresTravel & Adventure
  • Science & Technology
  • ProducerEssential Media & Entertainment
  • Original BroadcasterNetwork Ten, Discovery

Adventurer Todd Sampson is on a mission to investigate some of the most extraordinary people on the planet to see what we can all learn from their lives. To truly understand them, he will not only walk in their shoes, he will hack into their world using science as his guide. This is the story of human potential and how our mind and body can adapt to almost anything.


In this series, Todd lives as a hunter-gatherer in Tanzania, confronts his fear of open water to free dive and stride across the sea floor in Borneo and overcomes injury to train with the notorious French Foreign Legion deep in the tropical jungle of French Guiana. He faces extreme challenges with the Mats├ęs of the Amazon, sadhu holy men of India, and the Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Mongolia. Each episode will highlight a unique aspect of human physiology and psychology, including cold adaptation, chronic stress, spatial awareness, pain tolerance and heat duress.

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