Billable Hours

  • Episodes26 x 30'
  • SubgenreComedy
  • ProducerTemple Street Productions
  • Original BroadcasterShowcase

At a big law firm in a downtown office tower, a group of over-educated twenty-somethings are discovering what you can’t learn watching Ally McBeal or The Practice – being a lawyer sucks. 90+% of law is corporate law. And 90+% of corporate law is mind-numbing paperwork. Young attorneys are expected to endure 85-90 hour work-weeks, 50-51 weeks a year – for the rest of what used to be their lives.

Welcome to the world of Billable Hours. They’re smart, they’re trapped and they’re really bored. So what happens when a group of hyper-intelligent young professionals are stuck in an excruciatingly mundane work environment for 95% of their waking hours?  Well, quite simply, they focus their extraneous brainpower on other things. Really – stupid – things.

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